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About Us

Leneva Park is an acclaimed full-service thoroughbred pre-training and breeding organisation spanning two properties in the heart of Victorian thoroughbred country.


Leneva Park Longwood is our 240-acre comprehensive pre-training property specialising in the preparation of racehorses for the race track, rehabilitation programs and agistment. Our stable complex and facilities are state of the art, read more about our Pre-training service here.


Leneva Park Seymour is a 500-acre property with Goulburn River frontage and home to our broodmares and developing stock as well as our resident stallions. Our broodmares and foals thrive in spacious and safe paddocks on lush pasture. Read more about our broodmare and sales services here.


Leneva Park employs an expert team with over 20 staff providing 24/7 care for your horse. We also have access to local veterinary practices that specialise in racing and reproductive treatment for thoroughbred horses.


Our team is focussed on the care and safety of your horse, ensuring every horse lives up to its potential.

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Meet the Leneva Park Team
Management Team
Luke Vandersluys


Leneva Park Longwood Team
Leneva Park Seymour Team
Lauren Hosking

Broodmare Manager

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Contact Us

Leneva Park Longwood

74 Longwood-Ruffy Road,

Longwood East VIC, 3666.

Leneva Park Seymour

830 Northwood Road,

Seymour VIC, 3660.

Office & Accounts

Judy Vandersluys

Ph: 0418 237 981

Email: admin@lenevapark.com.au

General Inquiries

Ph: 0427 434 126

Email: admin@lenevapark.com.au