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Our licensed pre-training property at Longwood is equipped with a full range of training tools, allowing variety in the horse’s training regime and the ability to tailor a program specifically to your horse’s needs.


Our facilities include:

  • 1100m rubber & sand composite uphill track

  • 6-horse equine salt water walking pool

  • Undercover 12-horse horse walker

  • High speed treadmill

  • Day yard access in 60m x 40m paddocks

  • Night time stable accommodation in 8m x 4m boxes

  • Specialised feed program

  • Specialised dressage program


You will receive regular communication including video updates regarding your horse’s progress while it is in work.


Agistment services are also available. At Leneva Park horses spell in a serene country environment in paddocks from 1 - 10 acres depending on your requirements, and are rugged to suit weather conditions.


To discuss your horse’s pre-training needs or rehabilitation program please contact our Operations Manager Sarah Beaumont.

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