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With hundreds of yearlings being snapped up around Australia with the sales season in full swing, Leneva Park is ready to welcome your latest purchase for education and breaking in.

Our dedicated and expert breaking in team know that early education is critical to the on track success of a young thoroughbred, and that is why Leneva Park was entrusted by some of the biggest stables in Victoria to educate and break in their yearlings in 2021.

Our education program takes 35-days, working to your horse's individual needs, gently shaping the athlete to make sure each horse in our care is "trainer ready" by the end of the program. We also provide on farm freshen up before a short refresher course to put the final polish on your young thoroughbred.

Here's a snapshot of the feedback we had in 2021...

"Our American Pharoah colt went to the trainer in superb condition - she was thrilled with the standard of work done at Leneva."

"Great job with the two colts, I will be booking in again in 2022."

"I sent 15 horses to Leneva Park to be broken in in 2021. Every one of them came back to my stable in great condition and all were very well educated. My riders made a point of telling me how good they were to ride."

"Our filly was returned to our trainer in fantastic condition and was ready for life in a racing stable. My sister and I could not be more pleased."

To book in your yearling for education in 2022, contact our Client Managers Max Burton and Tom Havers.

Max: 0403 617 403 Tom: 0459 482 176

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