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Fierce Is Fertile!

In great news for Leneva Park and the Victorian breeding industry, popular first season stallion Fierce Impact (Deep Impact x Keiai Gerbera) is extremely fertile!

With his first covered mares returning 15-day scans, Fierce Impact has shown himself to be particularly potent; from maiden mares to wet mares and established 18-year-old matrons, Fierce Impact is getting them in foal.

"He's particularly fertile on what we're seeing so far," said Leneva Park stallion operations manager Brian Byrnes. "When you've got a stallion that is able to get older mares with a few issues in foal with twins it's a great indication of how he's going. We've had a few mares through that have been a little trouble to get in foal in recent seasons and he's got them too, it's great news." Fierce Impact is on track to cover near 140 mares in his first season and his book is nearly full.

"I wouldn't be waiting too long," said Byrnes.

"We won't overtax him in his first year despite that strong fertility, we don't want to overwork him first time round. Those that breed to him this season will be very glad that they did."

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