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Get the best education for your horse

When it comes to educating young thoroughbreds, the team at Leneva Park pride themselves on a steady, purposeful process - we want to build confidence and understanding in horses so they work with our riders, not against them.

Our lead educator Shaun McMillan is a patient, hands on horseman - a gentle giant who loves taking young, inexperienced horses and building them into willing and confident animals that are ready to move into racing stables with a sense of purpose.

"We haven't had breakers like this in the stable before - they've done absolutely everything right."

"Great job team - the Shalaa colt has settled into the Caulfield stable like he's been here before, great mover, takes everything in his stride."

"Our filly was straight into work off your breaking program. Took to it like a duck to water. Thanks Sarah and Shaun."

Just some of the great feedback we've had from trainers that have had Leneva Park breakers through their stables in 2021.

We're incredibly proud of our education team and the hard work during the 2021 season, we're looking forward to working with a new group of yearlings in 2022 following the yearly sales - give your horse the best start to their racing life, contact Leneva Park about our education programs.

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