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Scans are coming in thick and fast as we approach the middle stage of the season and both Fierce Impact and Royal Meeting are proving to be as potent as ever.

When stallion fertility is so critical in a busy commercial market, Fierce Impact is an extremely reliable option for breeders and if anything it appears as though his fertility may have improved from an already very successful first season.

"He's not missing many that's for sure. Early scans are coming in strong now and the news is positive all around - if he keeps going at this rate he will be up around 90% come the end of the season," said Seymour Operations Manager Brian Byrnes.

Royal Meeting has also been getting lots of green ticks on early scans and has certainly not slowed down from his first two seasons.

"It's a very strong marketing tool for us as a business but it's also peace of mind for breeders that they can send mares to two Group 1 winning stallions with international pedigrees and know that they are extremely fertile. It makes the season a lot less stressful," said Byrnes.

Do you have a mare that has missed at an early season cover? Don't risk more disappointment - our nominations team are ready to take your call!

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