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Photo: Fierce Impact, Laura Lebedeff

As we draw ever closer to the 2022 breeding season, expectation is high with the imminent arrival of Fierce Impact's first foals.

With the continued success of the Deep Impact line in Australia from a very small sample size, with Profondo and Glint Of Hope both winning Group 1 races last season and Ghanaati showing she would add black type to her page, Fierce Impact is poised to make similar waves.

"The whole team are very excited to see his first foals, excited and nervous, like expectant parents," said General Manager Michael Sharkie.

"If those first foals have his strength and quality, well, we're going to see a lot of interest in him from breeders this season."

A similar scenario met Royal Meeting in 2021. A handsome son of Invincible Spirit, Royal Meeting passed on his good looks and class to his progeny with foals selling to $160,000 at public auction.

"As soon as the photos of his first foals hit social media, the phone started ringing and the nominations boys were booking mares at a rapid rate. The same thing will happen with Fierce Impact," said Sharkie.

Breeders are welcome to inspect both Fierce Impact and Royal Meeting in person at the Leneva Park stallion parade on Sunday August 21st.

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