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As the 2022 breeding season draws to a close, our nominations team of Mitch Brown and Tom Havers are finalising numbers after a busy year.

With covering concluding on December 23rd breeders are snapping up the last of the late season slots for mares wanting to be covered by Fierce Impact and Royal Meeting, with both stallions seeing a solid uptake in numbers.

"Fierce Impact has been really popular again especially as news of his quality foals started to seep out into the market," said Mitch Brown.

"He will cover over 150 mares which is a good increase on his first season, and there has been good quality throughout his book once again. He's been so fertile up over 90% which is a real feather in his cap."

Royal Meeting has had another year of over 100 mares through the shed and the temptation of breeding to a Group 1 winning son of Invincible Spirit proved too great for breeders.

'We saw a lot of return business which you would expect given how good his foals have looked and sold. He's a horse of great quality and he's leaving that with his progeny too - he's got a bright future," said Tom Havers.

A huge thanks to all breeders who have supported Leneva Park stallions in 2022. We hope you have a fantastic festive season which is now only just around the corner.

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